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Examining Adam Thielen’s Dynasty Value

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Minnesota Vikings wide reciever Adam Thielen is having his best week ever and it continues to look up. Kent Erdahl of KARE 11 states that after Thielen’s fantastic performance versus the Los Angeles Rams, and increased national attention, his jersey sales have jumped 300 percent.

Yes, you read that right: 300 percent. The online retailer Fanatics (they operate the NFL’s official website) says that Thielen is now in the top four of jersey sales. Last week he was number eight, hence the 300 percent increase.

Local stores are also having a hard time keeping up with the increased demand for Thielen’s jerseys. Scheel’s Sporting Goods in Mankato had to special order jerseys for a signing that Thielen did two years ago. But now Brandon Sheels, store leader says he can barely keep them in stock. “Adam is our number one jersey seller this month. Number one of all the product we sell actually. The better he performs, the better the product sells. We’re completely sold out of (kids) jerseys, so the only thing we have in stock right now is the Adam Thielen T-shirts.”

Thielen’s Cinderella story is one of the best in the NFL right now. With six more regular season games left and talk of Minnesota going into the postseason, expect Thielen’s on the field and jersey numbers continue to rise.

Everyone seems so tempted to make the pun of “Hooked on a Thielen”. I get it. I loved Guardians of the Galaxy too but don’t forget that Boston also had a great song called “More than a feeling”. In this case, I think that song is apt. Many trade polls suggest the community views Adam Thielen as a low-end WR2 at best, but I have a feeling that there’s more to Thielen. Sick of the puns yet?

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Really, I’m writing this article because as of in my most recent update I had Adam Thielen ranked as my 14th-best wide receiver for dynasty purposes. Besides Jake Anderson, who I know is very high on Thielen, not many rankers have him that high. In fact, his average ranking here on Dynasty League Football is the 22nd-best wide receiver for dynasty purposes. Some of our rankers even have him as low as the 29th-best, so what gives?

Adam Thielen has a shiny new toy to share with his fellow playmakers in Kirk Cousins, who signed a deal to make him the highest-paid player in the NFL and is joining the Minnesota Vikings as their franchise quarterback.

The wide receiver took to social media to welcome his quarterback to the Twin Cities shortly after the deal was officially announced.

Cousins signed a three-year deal worth a fully-guaranteed $84 million on Thursday and will make a base salary of $22.5 million in 2018.

Vikings receiver Adam Thielen says he’s excited to go into the offseason feeling “pretty much healthy” after playing through lower back fractures in the NFC Championship Game.

It sounds painful, but Thielen confirmed the fractures he sustained against the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round weren’t as severe as they appeared. He said he wouldn’t have played in the Pro Bowl last Sunday had he not felt well enough.

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“I feel great,” Thielen said. “I’ve had other offseasons where I’ve had surgeries and it really pushes things back. It’s really nice to be able to go into the offseason and attack the training as soon as possible.”

Thielen expects to be back in the gym this week, but he said he won’t be running routes or catching passes any time soon. Coming off a career season with 91 receptions for 1,276 yards and four touchdowns, Thielen is eager to begin offseason workouts and benefit from the type of training he wasn’t able to do in the thick of the season.
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“You go through a season and you really can’t do the things you want to do to stay strong because, weekly, you’re just trying to make it to the game and trying to feel as fresh as possible,” Thielen said. “By the time the season’s over, I’m ready to get back in the weight room and start training as far as getting stronger.”

As Thielen and his trainer begin to map out the receiver’s offseason regimen, the Vikings are in the midst of trying to find Pat Shurmur’s replacement at offensive coordinator. Not knowing who will be calling the plays — or which quarterback will be throwing the ball to him — is admittedly “a little nerve-wracking,” but Thielen said he’s eager to see who Minnesota hires so he can start scouting his new coordinator.

Vikings players won’t get a chance to work with their coaches until organized team activities in April.

“There’s not a whole lot you can do,” Thielen said. “You figure out who it is and then you try to ask around the league — guys you know that maybe have played for him, maybe coaches that have coached with him, something like that. Try to figure out what they do, what they like to do … just kind of have a little bit of a heads-up going into OTAs.”

One candidate for the position is quarterbacks coach Kevin Stefanski, who interviewed with Mike Zimmer last weekend at the coach’s ranch in Northern Kentucky. The receiver said there is benefit in getting to work with someone who has seen him play and is aware of his skill set.

“I think the biggest thing is he knows what I do well,” Thielen said. “He’s seen me since Day 1. He knows what I can do, what I do well … things like that, where maybe if a new guy comes in, they need to figure that out from film, then through OTAs and things like that. We’ll see what happens.”